• Course Name Intermediate course
  • Course Duration 6 months
  • Course Fee 14000 Rs/.
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Course Description

– In this course we cover the topic

All the things that is cover in 3 month course also –

• Major Family Group

• Minor Family Group

• How Family Group are made and how to find chord progression of any  song also how to find chord of any song

• Different type of strumming patterns like

Flamenco Pattern

       Heartbeat Pattern

       Fingerstyle Patters

       Tapping patterns

• 7-8  Songs on chord progression according To your vocal chords

• 4-5 songs on Leading

• Metronome Knowledge & Different metronome exercise

• You know how to play song on chords & which strumming is used to play  song either its Bollywood or Hollywood

• Develop a sense of music

     • Which note is using in song

     • How to play Leading of any song

     • How to know which chord is suitable for you while playing guitar and sing a    song

     • Match your vocal at your own vocal chords

If you want to learn other instrument/ vocal there is no other charges you can learn here easily

Course Other Details

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