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Course Description

In Classical music they have different nomenclatures
In western They having their own terms of music
In bollywood music they have different nomenclature

Sometimes a musician with classical Background they found difficult to deal with western musicians & bollywood 

In Music Theory Course we cover the topic -

• Classical Music nomenclatures

• Bollywood Music nomenclatures

• Western Music nomenclatures

• What is note 

• What is swar

• What is Rhythm / Tempo

• What is Time signature

• How scale is made

• How Chord is made

• What is Family Group & their Uses

• How Family Group is made

• Which Chord is played when u play & Many more things that is necessary to be a best musician.

Course Other Details

Instrument For Theory Classes - 

Guitar , Piano , Singing / Vocals 

Violin, Flute , Ukulele

Drum , Tabla etc

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